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The Website may only be accessed and used (e.g., browsing pages, placing orders, downloading product information, etc.) for personal purposes unrelated to any commercial or professional activity.
The Company allows visitors to the Website (hereinafter, the "User(s)") to create a user account and benefit from the services (hereinafter, the "Services") thereof. Users who wish to benefit from the Services must create an account using an email address and password (hereinafter, the "Login Details").
The Website and its Services are made available on an optional basis, and free of charge.
The Services may only be used by natural persons of legal age and capacity.


2.2.1. Users agree not to:

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  • violate any applicable law; use the Website for illegal purposes or in a way that infringes upon the rights of third parties;
  • upload, publish, or transmit any content via the Website that:
    • is deceptive, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, offensive, violent, obscene, pornographic, vulgar, libelous, racist, ethnically
    • disrespectful, religious, or otherwise inappropriate;
    • contains personal data or confidential information that the User is not authorized to share;
    • infringes upon the intellectual property rights of any third party;
    • contains viruses or any other type of malware.

2.2.2. All Users will be held responsible for their use of the Website, including any content they publish on the Website. In particular, Users shall be held liable for any incorrect or false information or data relating to third parties (without the latter having granted their consent) they may provide, as well as for any inappropriate use of said information or data.

2.2.3. All Users are responsible for ensuring that their personal information (including their Login Details) is used appropriately and remains confidential, and shall be held liable for any eventual harm or damage to the Company or to third parties that may result from the inappropriate use, loss, or deletion of said information.

2.2.4. The Company reserves, at any time, the right to cancel any subscription and/or freeze the account of a User, and/or refuse, restrict, suspend, or cancel access to the Website or the Services, without notice and without being held liable in any way whatsoever, if the User's use of the Website violates any of the obligations contained in the present Terms of Use, without prejudice to any other action by the Company that is authorized under applicable law.



The Website may contain elements that are protected by intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise specified, the intellectual property rights on documents and data of any kind on the Website, as well as on the individual elements that make up the Website (images, photos, illustrations, drawings, logos, sounds, text, videos, graphic elements, charts, menus, colors, fonts, diagrams, layouts, methods, etc.), including software, databases, and newsletters (hereinafter, the "Content"), are the exclusive property of the Company, which grants no license or right other than that which allows for Users to consult the Website.

The Content, in whole or in part, may only be reproduced for informational purposes and for personal and private use. The reproduction and use of copies for any other purpose (and in any form whatsoever) are expressly prohibited. Users may not, in any way whatsoever, copy, modify, assemble, decompile (except as provided by law), sell, assign, license, transfer, or create derivative works from the rights associated with the Content. Moreover, they may not modify, in whole or in part, any of the Content (in particular the software), or use modified versions of the software, in particular to establish unauthorized access to the service and to access the Website by any means other than via the interface provided to the User for this purpose by the Company.


3.2.1 Links to other websites

The Website contains hyperlinks to other websites that are not related to the Website. The Company does not control or monitor these websites or their content. The Company shall not be held liable for the content of these websites, nor for the rules adopted by the latter, in particular with regard to the practices of these third-party websites concerning privacy and the collection and processing of personal data. Users are therefore advised to exercise the utmost care when connecting to websites via links on the Website, and to carefully read the terms of use and privacy policies of such websites.

3.2.2. Links to our website

Users may not publish any part of the Website or its Content on any third-party website, or create a hyperlink to the Website, any of its pages, and/or its Content, without the prior written authorization of the Company. The Company shall in no way be held liable for the content and accessibility of any website containing a hyperlink to the Website.


The Privacy Policy governs how the Company uses and processes the personal data that it collects from Users or that Users provide via the Website. Before uploading or providing personal data on the Website, Users are therefore advised to carefully read the Privacy Policy.

The Website uses cookies to track the browsing preferences of Users. Users who have accepted the use of cookies should consult the Cookie Policy for information on the type of personal data that the Company may process in this respect.


The Company regularly updates the Content and the systems on the Website to enable Users to access and use the Website in the best possible conditions. Nevertheless, the Company cannot guarantee the relevance, accuracy, or completeness of the Content on the Website. In this respect, Users acknowledge that any Content on the Website is provided solely for informational purposes.

In addition, the Company reserves the right to make changes to the Website at any time it deems such changes necessary, and therefore cannot guarantee that Users will be able to use the entire Website at all times without errors, malfunctions, or interruptions. Please note that changes may be made to the nature or the scope of the Services offered on the Website.

The Company shall not be held liable for any damage suffered as a result of faulty networks and/or technical configurations. Despite the Company's best efforts to guarantee uninterrupted access to the Website, the dynamic nature of the Internet and its content may lead to interruptions or other availability-related issues during updates to the Website.

It should also be noted that the Company shall not be held liable for any damage caused to a User as a result of the actions of deceitful third parties who use the information published on the Website.


6.1. The present Terms of Use may be modified at any time in accordance with changes to the Website and/or regulations. In the event of a modification, all use of the Website will be subject to the new Terms of Use as soon as the latter are published.

6.2 In the event that a provision of the Terms of Use is deemed invalid or unenforceable, said provision shall be replaced with a new provision that best reflects the intentions of the parties and the remaining provisions shall not be affected.
If the Company fails to exercise a right or enforce a provision of the present Terms of Use, this shall in no way be construed as a waiver of its right to exercise said right or invoke said provision at a later time.

6.3. The present Terms of Use are governed by French law. Any difficulty or dispute regarding the present Terms of Use that cannot be settled amicably between the parties will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.