Isabel Marant was founded in Paris in 1995.

It all started in 1989, when 22-year-old Isabel Marant launched Twen, her first knitwear and jersey brand. In 1995, she held her first show under her own name.

In 1998, Isabel Marant opened her first boutique in Paris in a former artist workshop. Her historic location is still on rue de Charonne, in the Bastille district. In 2000, the company launched Isabel Marant Étoile: this carefree new line embodies a vision that is simultaneously artsy and casual. Men’s clothing was launched in 2017, followed by an eyewear range in 2021.

More than twenty-five years after the brand’s creation, its core values are still the same: Isabel Marant remains the most unruly of the great French fashion houses. In the traditional world of Parisian fashion, this designer stands out as a true troublemaker. With a love for materials that live and travel, she draws inspiration from across the world to irreverently refresh urban clothing. While some dream of iconic women in glossy magazines, Isabel dresses women for their real lives – walking down the street or zipping off on a scooter. Not a single item leaves her workshop without first being tried on. A happy mixture of unbridled creativity, selfless seduction and a tireless pursuit of pleasure, Isabel Marant’s Maison is an ode to the sublime chaos of life.

Driven by savoir-faire, Isabel has always promoted handmade work. With every collection, she continues the fight to preserve textile crafts, most notably through the endowment fund she launched in 2021. In the same year, the Maison created Isabel Marant Vintage, a digital platform to grant a second life to Isabel Marant pieces, as a concrete solution to support a more sustainable fashion industry.